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Thank You!

Your support means so much! I hope you and the children in your life enjoy reading my books.
What started out as a way to honor the memory of my son Matthew, has turned into a passion for writing and giving back to the community. I want to personally thank everyone who has purchased or donated a book. Through your support and book donations we have been able to keep Matt's memory alive while making an impact in the lives of so many. 


With much gratitude,

Echo Morgan

P.S. Please connect with me on social media @RedFinBooks on both Instagram and Facebook

to stay up-to-date on our new books and community efforts.

Baseball Scholarship

Matt Morgan Baseball

The Matt Morgan Memorial Baseball Scholarship was created in loving memory and honor of my son Matthew who passed away in 2020. This annual scholarship recognizes a local baseball player who exemplifies hard work, resiliency and giving back to the community.


All profits from my book Baseball Dreams - which is based upon and written to honor my son - will be used to fund this scholarship . To date we have given out $6,500 in scholarships in Matthew's name. 


Interested in making a tax-deductible donation directly to the Matthew Morgan Memorial Baseball Scholarship Fund ?

Checks can be made payable to:

District 211 Foundation (Please be sure to put Matthew Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund  in the memo.)


Mail to: 

District 211 Foundation

Matt Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund

1750 S. Roselle Road

Palatine, IL 60067

The District 211 Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization and all donations made directly to the District 211 Foundation - Matthew Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible.


Diveheart Logo.jpg

Scuba Matt's Underwater Adventure was written and published to honor my son Matthew who passed away in February 2020. Matt was an active member of the U.S. Army and an avid scuba diver and instructor, who loved to share his passion for the ocean and scuba diving with others.


Using the profits from Scuba Matt's book, we are partnering with Diveheart, a nonprofit organization that offers adaptive scuba diving training and therapy for individuals and military veterans with physical and cognitive disabilities, to offer a training grant in Matt’s name. To date we have donated $3500 to Diveheart with a matching corporate grant of $3500 for a total of $7000 donated in Matt's memory. The grant is being used to provide financial assistance for wounded or disabled veterans who would like to learn how to dive.


Visit to check out the amazing and inspiring work they are doing.






Book Bank

Donate Baseball Dreams

We are currently collecting donations for Bernie's book Bank through our Donate-A-Book program. This non-profit distributes books to children in need throughout Illinois and the Chicagoland area.


 To date we have donated over
380 books to Bernie's Book Bank
who distributes them to
underserved children.

Thank you to the following individuals for your generous book donations.

  • Anastasia G.

  • Andrea D. 

  • Brandon T.

  • Carolynn G. 

  • Celeste N.

  • Donna T.

  • Ellen H.

  • Ginny R.

  • Jennifer C.

  • Kathy N.

  • Lisa E.

  • Lisa V.

  • Mary Ellen S.

  • Maureen J.

  • Roxanne F.

  • Steve and Michelle H.

  • Tom M.  

Community Donations

Donate Scuba Matt

Thanks to the following generous donors our books can be found and enjoyed by children in the following

schools, libraries and communities.


  • Clinton Elementary, Clinton, WI - Eliza M.

  • Elgin, IL - St. Marys, Lords Park, Creekside, Kimble Middle and Little Royals Preschool - Mae J. 

  • Elmhurst, IL Public Library  - Tom M.

  • Field Elementary School, Park Ridge, IL 

  • Free Little Libraries - Palatine, IL

  • Franklin Park, IL Public Library  - Tom M. 

  • Magnolia Community Library,  Gloucester, MA - Lisa W.

  • Northlake, IL Public Library  - Tom M. 

  • Palatine, IL Park District

  • Palatine, IL Public Library 

  • Poplar Creek, IL Public Library  - Tom M.

  • Okinawa, Japan - Department of Defense Education (DoDEA) elementary and middle schools. - The Carrera Family

  • Salt Creek Elementary, Elk Grove Village, IL

  • Uinta Couty Library, Evanston, WY

  • Yelm, WA Elementary School District - Debbie & Mike M.


If you have purchased and donated a book it to a local school, library or community organization please let us know. We would love to acknowledge your generosity and track the reach and impact of our books in communities. 

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