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About Red Fin Books


Author Echo Morgan and

her son Matthew.

scuba matt 1.png

Matt diving in the
Grand Caymans in 2007.

Hi I’m Echo. Welcome to Red Fin Books. My goal is to bring fun-to-read educational stories to children and their families. Stories that encourage curiosity, kindness, love and lots of adventure.


Red Fin Books was launched in 2021 with the publication of my first children’s book Scuba Matt’s Underwater Adventure which I wrote to honor my son Matthew who passed while serving in the military in Okinawa, Japan in February 2020. Matt was adventurous and had many passions in life including serving in the U.S. Army, traveling, baseball and scuba diving. As an elite diver and instructor, Matt went through many pairs of scuba fins but through them all he always held onto his first and favorite pair of Red Fins.


Red Fin Books represents many things. It represents Matt and the life he lived. It represents stories filled with honor, curiosity, adventure and goodness. It represents his spirit still teaching, guiding, helping and sharing with others. But most of all Red Fin Books represents love.

A portion of the sales from our books goes back to the community in honor and memory of Matthew. 

To anyone who has purchased one of my books - thank you! Your support means the world. I hope you will consider leaving a review so others can find my books. 

And to the children - I love receiving letters, drawings and pictures. Please feel free to email me at and I will do my best to email you back. Also be sure to visit my Free Printables page for free coloring and activity sheets. 


Matt diving in Okinawa, Japan

in 2019.

Scuba Matt red fins.jpg

Matt's first pair of red scuba fins.

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