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Donate A Book At a Discounted Price

Reading and literacy are fundamental to success in life. Unfortunately, not all children live in a home surrounded by books. You can help by providing a deserving child a gift of a book. 

For every book donation of $10, RedFinBooks will donate a book to Bernie’s Book Bank - a non-profit that collects and distributes new books to children in need.


Bernie’s Book Bank mission is to improve literacy by ensuring that underserved children have books to read at home. Bernie’s Book Bank collects and distribute books to underserved children in the Chicagoland area by working together with schools and organizations that serve large populations of under-served children. In 2020, Bernie’s Book Bank provided over 275,000 local children in need with 12 books each. They hope to expand to other cities in America.


Books donations will be hand delivered to Bernie's Book Bank. Please check our Giving Back page for the most updated information on donations. 

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